Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Broken Heart

I clicked "New Post" yesterday and stared at the screen for a minute and then clicked the big X at the top right. I just had no desire to say much of anything.... or maybe I had too much swarming around in my head and couldn't get the words to come out.... or maybe I just felt sick.. and had to go lay down. The latter is probably the most accurate. My previous post with the AWESOME video (that you must see if you haven't yet) has of course been on my mind since I watched it for the first time. I mean I just seriously can't get over the message... the truth..

Today after I read my David Brainerd book, (which I totally suggest to anyone ~ what a walk with God this man had... WOW!!! I'll have to share more about this later!) I just spent some time in prayer with my Heavenly Father. I have been so broken here lately over the fact that so many professing Christians have made a mockery of my sweet Jesus. Oh, it breaks my heart & literally brings me to tears. There are so many who claim to know Him but their life is a life full of ungodly, unholy things. They live like the world and love it. They wallow in sin and I know that Jesus does not go with them! The Jesus of the Bible would never go to the places those people go... He would never stand to hear the things that those people say... To hear someone say, 'Well, I'm a Christian but I am only human" drives me nuts! While that may be true, a true Christian knows that is not an excuse! A biblical Christian has the Holy Spirit dwelling in them! It's just a big excuse for bad behavior. And even those 'good' people.. you know the ones- those who claim to know Him but never darken the doors of the church. They'd rather sleep in than gather together and worship the Living God. They can't find their Bible because it's never read and the only time they might lift up a prayer is when the doctor gives a scary diagnosis. Oh, they know the words to "Amazing Grace" but their iPod favorites would never be sang during the worship service. Or maybe they are in church every Sunday but out at the club on Saturday night. They're only human though.. right? Jesus will have no part in these things... So, why do they claim HIM??

Let me just say they may claim Him... but the 'Jesus' they claim is not the Jesus of the Bible.. not the Savior. They've created an idol... a god who is ok with their sin. I mean, it would make it easier, right? If God overlooked our sin?? Their god maybe... but the Holy One does not.

Jesus Christ saved me... He changed me. I know the supernatural miracle He did in my life. I was wretched and evil and He made me a new creature, just as the Word promises! So how come so many claim salvation but do not have a changed life? Is it that God doesn't change everyone?? Or maybe some people are just fanatics?? Maybe I'm just one of those Jesus freaks?? Does Jesus not have the power to supernaturally change certain people?? Maybe some just get it more than others? Or maybe He only changes part of them?? That could be it, right?

NO!! What kind of a God would He be if that was His character? God is All Powerful!! He is Mighty! When you meet the true, living God you are forever changed. Oh that the God of creation, the Lord Almighty would not be mocked. What slander to call Him a God who cannot change a person fully and powerfully! My heart aches for those who do not know Him.

Jesus~ He is holy. He is just. He is good. He is right. He is light and will have no part with darkness. He hates sin and preached repentance and righteousness. He is pure. He is perfect. He will come back with power and glory. He is the Word of God. He is God in the flesh. He supernaturally, miraculously, amazingly, & powerfully changes lives! He changed mine and I pray that I will always point to the real Jesus.


Anonymous said...

Amen Crystal! I loved the blog!

Jobina said...

Wow, I just happened on your blog looking for recipe ideas. I watched the video in the previous post and the wheels in my head just started spinning! It's is so easy as Christians to slowly be sucked into living how we like, watching what we like, listening to what we like with no regard for Christ. Thank you for that sweet reminder in the video! I'll definitely be back!