Thursday, January 10, 2008


I'm kind of sad because I haven't been blogging as much. Our computer has been acting up plus for the past week all I have wanted to do is lay on the couch and snooze (when I actually have the opportunity arise). I've got a lot of things on my mind as always but just haven't made it to the computer! So here I am...

One of the things I've been thinking about, with it being a new year and all... are my passions. What drives me? What things do I want to focus on this year? So here is a small list. I am quite simple :)

Jesus- really He could sum up my 'passions'. Everything I desire to do begins with Him. What is life without Him? I just want to draw closer to Him, know Him better, follow Him, glorify Him with my life. Really, if I just stick with that I'll be just fine! But there are other passions that I believe that He has given me, so here they are:

My family- I want to be the best wife and mommy I can be. Here lately I feel like I've failed somewhat at my role because I've been so tired but I also have to remember that I am growing a baby human! I've got to do my mommy duties for this new little one too... which currently consists of resting as much as possible!! I know God has called me to be a wife and mother. Specifically to be in the home and not working. That is a desire He placed in me shortly after I was saved, before R and I were married. I am very passionate about that and somewhat take offense to those who think that what I do is not a worthy position. (then I remember that I don't answer to them anyways!) I take great responsibility in raising my child(ren) and attempting to keep my home orderly for my husband. (Please don't stop by though because as I said, I've been on light duty for the past week!) I am by no means 'Suzie Homemaker', but I do know God has called me to be Crystal homemaker!

The unborn- By that, I mean 'pro-life' issues. I am very passionate about the unborn. There are tons of great causes out there, all worthy of support, but I do believe that God has burned this particular issue on my heart. I long for the day when abortion is abolished. I'm thankful that God has given me the opportunity to volunteer my time to help fight against abortion. I'm thankful for a husband who supports this ministry that I am involved in as well. I long to see Christians stand up for the unborn instead of just being silent. I am a believer that not saying anything against sometimes can do just as much harm as those who are for it. It's naive to think that everyone in church is prolife or supports prolife issues. And with it being an election year, I think it's especially important to stand up and speak out. It does matter what those we vote for believe morally. It matters to millions of unborn babies.

Biblical Truth- I believe that we live in a day where biblical truth has disappeared in the vast majority of churches. Biblical salvation is a thing of the past. Biblical Christians are hard to find. There is no holiness or purity anymore. God is being made a mockery because most who proclaim 'Christianity' live unholy, impure, self-righteous lives. They show no evidence of a supernaturally changed life. The saying "anything goes" has not only become a motto in American society but also a motto in most churches. What happened to listening to and applying the truth from the pages of God's Holy Word? What happened to being holy and set apart by God? What happened to becoming a new creature in Christ? The fact of the matter is that most people don't know biblical truth because they don't know the Bible. They are being mislead by false prophets who give those 'feel good, do good' messages and Satan is having a field day. 'Jesus Loves You' is being proclaimed from the pulpits, but who is going to tell them that judgement is coming and if they don't repent, their eternity will be spent in hell? That, my friend, is the truth. I know there are a lot out there who teach good and right biblical discipleship. And there is definitely a place for that. My passion though is to first see that salvation is taken care of. If true salvation does not exist, nothing else matters. And because I believe that many church members have not been biblically converted, I think that true salvation needs to be taught and preached more so than anything. God's Word is enough. My passion and desire for the youth that R and I work with is that they know what true salvation looks like and is. I pray that they experience it, as I believe many of them have. I pray that truly converted Christians will have a growing desire to know God's truth and proclaim it boldly until the glorious day that He returns!


Mocha with Linda said...

Congrats on that baby, and get lots of rest.

And thanks for stopping by to "visit" my blog!

Bev Brandon @ The Fray said...

I love your passion Crystal. May He give you the desires of your heart this year. And thanks for coming by and why is your sister going to Thailand and which city and that's all! that is, if you can tell me :)