Monday, January 21, 2008

My boy

Oh.. my boy is growing up! He is 19 months old!! I just feel like gabbing about how much he can do.. so humor me while I talk about him! He is now starting to put words together. When R goes off to work, Luke says byebye and then for about 15 minutes he'll say "Daddy wuk". If he starts to think about his MiMi.. he'll look up at me and say, "MiMi home?" Last night on the way home from church (yes, we live next door but hey it takes a few minutes to walk home!) R said, say byebye to the truck.. and Luke says, "Byebye tuck"... then "Byebye Niny (Lily, our dog)", "Byebye peep (jeep)"... I just can't tell you how sweet it is! When he's working really hard on something and finally gets it done, he says "Now then!"

He is also becoming very independent. If he's in his independent mood, I better not even try to help him! He pitched a fit the other day because I tried to help him put his pants on! Wow, what a mistake that was! He eventually realized that he needed help and said, "elp me!" (I'm attempting to get a please after that!). So, I was able to assist him.. all the while giving him lots of praise for doing most of it on his own!

His favorite toys have become papers he can reach on the counter, empty bottles of water, tupperware... oh and anything that he can get his hands on that he is not suppose to have!

Right now he's getting his 4 eye teeth in, all at the same time. He's been a super sport about it for the most part but he's had a runny nose for literally over a month. No medical professional can convince me that a child will not get a runny nose because of incoming baby teeth!

AND he got his first hair cut Friday!! He hasn't really had much hair since he was born (he was almost bald for the first 12 months!!) and even when it was cut, not much was actually cut off. He had some wild scraggly hair growing in the back though that really needed to be trimmed. He wasn't about to sit in the chair to have it cut though... so Mommy had to hold him! He looks like a handsome little man!

I must interject here, I started this post yesterday and today we had 3 exciting things happen that should be noted!!! Today he managed to: empty an almost full box of Cheerios in the kitchen floor, color with crayons on the kitchen linoleum, and rip 2 strips of wood off the inside of the closet door. And, as I speak, I can hear him banging on his crib with his feet... 50 minutes AFTER he was put in bed. Oh me...

Luke, Mommy is so proud of you!! I couldn't love you more at this moment, yet everyday my love seems to grow! My hugs and kisses belong to you!! :)


Pregnancy Update:

Overall since last week I've actually felt better. I did buy some Ensure and it actually is pretty good. It pretty much taste like a melted strawberry milkshake. I think that helped me get some more calories in. I've also been trying to eat more. I've realized that no matter how small the meal is... I still feel the same way afterwards (nasty taste in my mouth/heartburn) so I might as well eat a little more and get some calories in. Last night was a rough night because I did feel really nauseous but after a good night's sleep I've felt much better today. With Luke, I never felt bad in my first trimester. I can remember maybe 2 or 3 times that I kind of felt sick but it was always a response to some food I had smelled (garlic and Parmesan cheese!) and it went away as soon as I couldn't smell the food! So, this general constant yucky feeling is very different this time around! I'm 8 wks today based on my LMP but because the baby was measuring bigger at my US, I could be considered 8 wks, 4 days. Hopefully this yuckyness will go away in just a few weeks!!


Anonymous said...

Hey! Blog is awesome! I can't wait until Wes and Will start talking like that...I can wait on the Cheerios! When I was prego with them I was sick ALL THE TIME and my doctor gave me Zofran, it was GREAT! I would take one in the morning and it was gone (most of the time) You may want to ask your doc for a milder version of something like that. I had the strong version because like I said I was SICK all the time and it wasn't just nausea. Anyways I am glad everything is going great!