Tuesday, January 15, 2008

First Dr's Visit

So today was my first Dr's visit! I was SO nervous this morning! I know I've done this before but I couldn't help but be nervous! Everything was just fine! We got to see the little blueberry (something I read today said that 'it' was about the size of a blueberry) on the sonor. It just amazes me to see something so small, yet so alive. That little heart was just beating away! And to think that some don't even call that life! Wow.. Anyways, officially, my due date is August 29, 2008. This is going by the measurement on the sonogram, which is the most accurate. Thankfully this time R did not fall in the floor right before they did the sonogram. He actually behaved himself! (Last time he didn't notice that the stool he was about to sit on had WHEELS... so when he sat down.. it flew out from underneath him.) I did have to remind him not to touch a few things. He's just like a kid... wanting to touch everything and mash buttons and switches... He did politely excuse himself for 'the exam' and went out to read his MacArthur commentary.

I went to the Dr about a month ago for a sinus infection and of course, I remembered my weight because I AM A WOMAN. Well, anyways, I have lost 5 lbs since that visit. I was talking to the CNP and she said for my 'size' that was really too much weight to lose. A 1-2 pound loss in a month would be considered 'normal'. So, she suggested ensure... but of course that sounds totally gross to me! I might try it but then again, I might just *try* to eat more too. I'm just having a hard time eating normal size meals... well, really normal types of food. For instance today I've had: A bowl of grits (plain w/ butter), a handful of rice chex cereal, Half of a PB&J sandwich, Chikfila chicken sandwich, a few fries, a lemonade and water.. Actually today was a pretty good day because after the Dr visit I was STARVING, so I ate the whole sandwich and a few fries... which is more than normal. And I will probably have a little bit of something in a little while before bed.. I normally would have had a snack by now but I think since I had such a big meal earlier, I haven't been hungry. Vegetables sound so gross to me right now (I would never admit that to Luke though!) and I normally love them. I did have veggie soup last night but I really had to make myself eat it. Ok, now I'm just rambling....

Anyways, my point is.. everything went great today! I am so thankful!! God is so good and well, even if everything wasn't ok, God would still be so good!


Kari Sanchez said...

Glad to hear everything is good and healthy with the baby. And you need to eat more Girlie!! :)