Saturday, February 2, 2008

Ramblings about life!!

Happy Groundhog's Day!

Seriously, what's that all about? I have no clue.

We (Luke and I) were off to the mall this morning to have his pictures made. The lady at the Sears portrait place was like, "Oh, is it his birthday??" Um.. no... I am just a terrible mom who hasn't gotten his picture {professionally} taken since he was 10 months old and thought sometime last week that I MUST go have it done now while it is on my mind.. thanks for bringing it up though. :)

Yes, Luke had his 20 months pictures taken today.. isn't that a milestone?? 20 months? I thought so! ;)

So, anyways. I bought him a cute Valentine shirt that he wore for the first portion of his photo shoot. He looked A-Dorable! My mom and dad came.. because they are more comfortable with acting like nuts to make Luke smile than I am. So, we get there and take him back to the little room.. and what does he do?? Start to scream... big crocodile tears rolling down those sweet cheeks. Seriously, at that moment I thought.. 'We are going home with zero pictures today!' Luckily, he got more comfortable and we got some really, really cute pictures. He also sported a dressy casual pair of khaki cargo pants and a faux button down shirt with a tshirt over it.. like all the cool kids are wearing. He was too cute.

So, now I feel like a better mom... he only suffered minor trauma from the photo session. So, it's ok.

This evening while we were getting ready for our fancy gourmet supper (ha- joking), R backed up into Luke and he (Luke) fell. I was standing at the sink washing Luke a pear and saw Luke hit the floor... I knew it was going to be bad. Luke had been playing his harmonica (something his daddy taught him) so he had his hand up at his mouth. He caught himself with his hand but his little mouth hit his hand as his hand hit the floor. R quickly picked him up and I said without looking, 'There's blood.' And there was. It's amazing how much blood can come out of a mouth that little! He never would let me look at it but it did quit bleeding after a few minutes (and gobbling down his pear and chicken nuggets). He does have a puffy upper lip though. I think daddy felt worse than he did.

Thankfully the pictures were this morning!!

So, as far as the pregnancy is going... I'm now offically 10 wks (as of Friday). Thankfully the first trimester will be over soon! I'm praying that this awful taste in my mouth goes away as well as this fatigue! I've been eating ok but it's just so hard to eat when everything I eat leaves such a nasty aftertaste. My poor family has been suffering too. I normally LOVE to cook but I have had no desire what-so-ever to cook. Actually, Thursday when I was getting ready to go to the grocery store.. the thought almost made me gag! I mean I really have to not think about food.. It's so weird. So, needless to say we've been eating out a lot and eating quick fix meals. Hopefully things will get back to normal in a few weeks! My belly is starting to bulge already! Sooo much sooner than last time! I read somewhere that it's because all of my muscles have already been stretched out previously. Lovely.

On a serious note, I am so thankful for this sweet baby! Every baby is a blessing sent straight from God. I was thinking last night just about how amazing God is for allowing me to carry a child.. Robby and I have been given the opportunity to be a part of a miracle (for the 2nd time) and that just blows my mind! Not only does God, in all of His goodness, mercy and grace, give us the opportunity to know Him and have eternal life but He also blesses us with so many other things.. and I believe one of the greatest is being a parent. Oh, what a good God!

I hope everyone has a great Lord's Day!


Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

i'm so glad i'm not the only one who has random-aged pictures...i love that they get them made at school now so i don't feel like such a loser...LOL