Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day!!

Me and R are not really the types to go all out on this day. We do the card and candy thing but that's about the extent of it. Neither one of us really wants to get out and fight the crowds at a restaurant either. So today has been a pretty normal day. I did get a box of chocolate covered cherries, which I love and will try my best to stretch as far as I can! I got him his favorite Peanut M&M's and some Ghirardeli Caramel Filled Dark Chocolate Squares. Little Man got a travel MagnaDoodle and some M&M mini's (that will be stretched also!).

My favorite part of the day was when my sweet hubby came home early from work to go to the gym and realized that Luke was already awake. This, of course, meant that I did not get my nap! So, instead of going to the gym he decided to take Luke with him to the bank, which is a 30 minute ride one way! So, I got a whole hour to rest. Oh how I love him!

When he got back, he went and picked us up some SubWay (at my request!) and we had a nice quiet evening at home. It was wonderful. Luke went to bed early and R and I watched a movie.

I am so blessed!