Thursday, February 7, 2008


Sufficiency of God's Word and the Holy Spirit's work... something I've been thinking about here lately. It seems to me that the sufficiency of God's Word has been lost. We, as a church body, seem to think we must do something in order for God to work... we must add something or give a little help to the Holy Spirit. Let me see if I can explain this...

I believe that most (Christians) out there would agree on the inherency of scripture. God's Word is true. But is His Word sufficient? Is it enough?

If you've read anything I've written much you probably know where I'm heading with this. The sinner's prayer.. If you haven't read anything I have written about it you probably should before you go any further. Go here and then here.

Before I go any further, I would like to say that the sinner's prayer is not the only example of this. I think that the church often tries to 'make' something happen with music, special events, gimmicks, etc. I'm not even gonna go there today because I'd be here forever!

The sinner's prayer has roughly been used for the past 100 years. So it is safe to say that in Christian history, the sinner's prayer is relatively new. According to some, the 'cookie cutter's sinners prayer' is essential to conversion. I just wonder what they think about all of those people who came to Christ before it was even used.

As I have said before, the sinner's prayer is no where in the Bible, Jesus didn't use it, so why should we? Is God's Word not suffiecient to save someone? Is the Holy Spirit not powerful enough to do such a work in someone's life that they do not need someone to compose a prayer of repentance and faith for them? (Please note that I am NOT saying that everyone who has said a sinner's prayer is lost... I have covered this before and that IS NOT what I am stating. I am speaking of the use of the sinner's prayer.)

Why can we not just let God do the work? Yes, it is our job to tell others about Him. We are commanded to do that and it is a passion that all believers should have! We are to point out scripture, share the gospel message. Pastor's are to preach the full, inherent Word of God from the pulpit. We are to proclaim Jesus to a lost and dying world! We are called to do these things and we are obedient when we fulfill that call. But when it's time for a person to do business with God, how come we don't just let God's Word and the Holy Spirit finish that work?

Is God not a big enough God, that He can't save someone unless we use the "sinner's prayer"? What a ridiculous question! He is big enough.. and He can!!!

So, then why not evangelize the way that Jesus did? Let God get the glory for salvation instead of man trying to share in that. How dare us believe that God needs our help in salvation! There really is freedom in allowing God to finish the work instead of trying to push someone in repeating a prayer! Granted if they are ready (broken by godly sorrow and ready to repent and put their faith in Jesus) then by all means let them pray but I doubt that they will need help praying! No one has to compose an apology letter to my husband when I've done something to hurt him! If I know I am wrong just by my own guilt of hurting my husband, how much more will a person who is being called by Holy God and faced with the depravity of their sin see their own need for repentance?

Psalm 19:7~ The law of the LORD is perfect, converting the
soul; The testimony of the LORD is sure, making wise the simple.

His Word is sufficient to point out sin. His Word is sufficient to bring about godly sorrow. His Word is sufficient to bring about repentance. His Word is sufficient to show the desperate need for the Savior. His Word is sufficient to prove that Savior to be the One and Only, Jesus Christ. His Word and work is sufficient to bring about a new creature who is changed and set apart.

His Word is sufficient.


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