Monday, February 25, 2008

Complete Nonsense...

We caught 'em!!!!

That stinkin' little mouse is dead!!! PTL!

I hate mice. I mean who really likes them? Since moving into this house we've had 2. The first one, I'm sure was there when we moved in. In three weeks it will be a year that we have lived here.. and I saw our second mouse yesterday after church. I SAW it! EW. I was getting lunch ready and saw it run under the dishwasher. So what did I do? Make R head to the store and buy as many mouse traps as he could. Last night I set 5. Yes, five. I would have set seven because that's how many we had.. but one broke in the setting process and one was defective. Three in the kitchen. One under the kitchen sink. And one in the computer room (considering I think that's where the little thing was running from yesterday). I was so disappointed when I woke up this morning.. no mouse in ANY of the traps. Surely I set enough! Well, in order to save Luke from sure finger breakage I moved one trap to the computer room (that we have blocked w/ a gate) and the other 2 I just casually set under the kitchen sink and figured I'd get them back out tonight.
Well, I was doing my Walk Away The Pounds DVD... and I heard a "snap". I thought, surely not! I was sure it had just went off on it's own from me moving it around so much. I looked under the counter and there it was.. dead... I was so happy I had to call the hubs and let him know. He congratulated me on my catch. Of course when he gets home from ATL he will be disposing of the thing.
I was once one of those people who thought that only people who's house was not clean had mice. But I have since changed my mind. Now, my house it not an after shot picture of a Clean Sweep makeover but it's decently clean (most of the time). I do have a toddler... so keeping a random cheerio or cracker crumb out of the floor can be difficult at times. Houses just get mice... especially older houses. I can even remember having one in my room growing up.. and we didn't live in a old house... and my room was on the 2nd floor! We didn't use a trap.. we just let the cat in.. and he got it. It was fun.
Oh and we do have an outside cat. Ace. And guess where he sleeps... in the basement, UNDER THE HOUSE (literally in the crawl space)! Seriously Ace, we did not expect you to invite the mice in and let them live here!!!! What kind of cat are you?? I kind of regret getting rid of Lucy, our former cat. Now, she was a mouser... well actually a moler (which isn't a word, bytheway)... She loved those things. Yes, it was gross to wake up to 2 or 3 little moles on your back porch, dead... but we never saw a mouse in the 2 years that we lived in that house. Come to think of it, we didn't see many chipmunks or squirrels {outside} either.

I know this post has been probably the most random, completely brainless thing I have ever written. But... Oh Well.