Monday, May 19, 2008

Menu Plan Monday - May 19

Well, I had a busy, crazy morning. In my attempt to save money, I decided to shop at Walmart and Publix. They aren't that far apart so I wasn't wasting gas. Plus I knew we'd be stopping at Chik fil a and that's right in the middle of both places. Anyways, I got most of my dry foods and non food items at WalMart, then went to Publix. I'm not sure that I really saved much money. I did notice a few items that were less expensive but I don't know yet if making 2 stops is really worth it. I'm trying to keep a price book though so maybe I'll be able to tell later on down the road whether or not it's worth my time. My most exciting moments of the day were when I purposefully picked up 2 Tropicana OJs (on sale 2 for 6$) and could not find my $1.00 off coupon.. (Grr... I could have gotten them both for 5$)... then when I got to get my check card out, it's no where to be found! I have a bad habit of laying my card in the passenger seat if we go through a drive through. So, I have to get Luke out of the cart and drag him out to the car to get it and go back to pay for my groceries! It was fun. Luckily, I buy OJ every week and they go on sale often, so if I find my coupon I'm sure I can use it again. I don't think it expires until the end of June.

So, after all of that here is my menu for the week:

Tonight: Baked Flounder w/ Lemon and Garlic, Sauteed Squash, Rice, Toasted Whole Grain Bread that the Bread Lady made me buy, it was sooo good though. (we didn't have this meal last week because we ended up eating with my parents one night so it was a roll over) Luke didn't eat one bite of his supper. Not even the bread. And now, at 7:30PM he is CRANKY, but what do I do? I've offered his supper again and he refused. It's not like he's never had any of it before. He usually loves rice and bread. He's being stubborn... because I know he's hungry. We mentioned going for a walk after supper and it's driving him crazy that we're not going. He can't go outside if he doesn't eat supper. I'm definitely not one to force a child eat everything on their plate but he hasn't had anything since 12pm. I do expect him to eat something. He didn't even have his usual snack because I had dinner ready fairly early and he slept until almost 5! Anyway, I know he's not going to starve, it's just so frustrating sometimes!

The rest of the week:

Since I mentioned the Bread Lady, I must tell you that my son now goes into Publix expecting a cookie. He literally starts chanting "cookie, cookie" a few minutes after we go through the sliding doors. I know they give the cookies out free but I always feel a little funny ushering my son over to the bread counter just so he will be noticed, thus given a cookie (all with no intention whatsoever of buying anything from the bread counter). So today, here is how it went: I walked past the counter once glancing at the bread, went around the doughnuts/bagels and stopped at the lesser priced loaves. I picked up one and actually put it in my cart. It looked good, so I got it. Well, we went by the counter again and I stopped and looked at the cakes (I needed to in order to get ideas for Luke's b'day cake anyway!). After looking through the cake book we went by the counter AGAIN, finally being noticed. So, Luke got his cookie.. and I felt so bad about all of my attempts at getting him a cookie that when the Bread Lady started telling me once again about their breads, I bought a loaf... a more expensive loaf. I put the other one back. I am pathetic.

Oh well. Like I said, the bread was good. And it's healthy. And it will be eaten. :)

Breakfast: Cereal, Oatmeal, Egg Sandwich, Waffles (Luke)

Lunch: Leftovers, Sandwiches (tuna/grilled cheese/tomato), Chicken nuggets (Luke), Salad, Fruit (cantaloupe, apples, bananas, grapes)

Snacks: Yogurt, Popcorn, Raisins, Teddy Grahams, Fruit

I'm posting this menu late, once again! Check out other menus at!


Anonymous said...

Reading this makes me feel so much better about not fixing Wes and Will a totally different meal! Chad's grandmother thinks I should fix them whatever they want, well I just can't make myself do that. After all we aren't short order cooks are we?! :)