Sunday, May 4, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

Publix is not having that great of a sale this week. So I may take a trip to WalMart and shop some there. BLAH! I'm not very motivated with my planning either! My brain always starts working when I look at the sale ads... not this week though! So, here it is..

Monday- Homemade Pizza (R's request), Spinach Salad ~ for me, Peach & Blueberry Cobbler (R's birthday cobbler)
Tuesday- Shepard's Pie (will post recipe later when I find it!), Cheesy Biscuits

Wednesday- Grilled Ham Sandwiches, Spinach Salad

Thursday- Teriyaki Chicken (drumsticks), Roasted Carrots with Honey, Rice

Friday- out

Saturday- out

We normally don't go out to eat much but we had one of R's birthday dinner's canceled so that's been rescheduled for next Friday. Saturday we are taking the seniors from church out to eat for graduation. Sunday is Mother's Day.. and I'm not cooking! So, R... you better plan something! :)

R picked homemade pizza for his birthday meal. Normally he'd pick hot wings, but he's getting those brought to him for lunch from his mom! I haven't exactly asked him what he wants on his pizza though, so I might should! He normally likes just plain cheese.. but I think when he suggested this he might have been talking about a pizza that I've made before with spinach and artichokes on it. It's so good!
I did pick up some drumsticks on sale last week so I'm trying a new recipe with them. I normally buy chicken breast but this will be something different, although I will not be using the fresh ginger this recipe calls for. I'm not a big ginger fan!
Reviews on last weeks menu:
The Potato and Onion Fritatta was good. R liked it but said that he'd rather have it for breakfast (which we did and it was really good the next day!). In my opinion it was kind of bland. Throwing in some ham or bacon would have made it really good! We had it with ketchup and hot sauce though! I mean it's potatoes and eggs! It was easy to make and I will probably make it again, maybe for a special breakfast!
I also made the pumpkin pancakes using my blueberry pancake recipe. They turned out ok, but I think I added too much pumpkin so they we're kind of heavy, not light and fluffy. Luke really liked them though!
I'm tired! Too tired to post b'fast, lunch and snacks. They are usually the same ol' stuff though.
Blueberries are on sale again this week so I'm sure I'll be making muffins!
And my feet are slightly swollen! Just thought I'd add that!
Check out Orgjunkie for more menus!
Edited to add (after a good nights rest)-
Breakfast- cherry muffins, fruit, raisin bread (especially for R for his birthday), oatmeal
Lunch- leftovers, sandwiches, fruit
Snacks- carrots w/ ranch dressing, raisins, vanilla yogurt w/ blueberries (my new obsession), hummus w/ baked tortilla chips, 100 cal packs of honey graham squares, fruit
Happy Birthday My Love! :)


Wifey said...

Yummy menu! Have a great week!

threesidesofcrazy said...

The roast carrots & honey sound yummY! Have a great week.

Dellene said...

your menu sounds delicious, I love carrots with honey :-)

Sassy Amie said...

happy birthday R!!!

I think I need to start making dinner lists like you do-that would definitely decrease my grocery bill!