Monday, June 29, 2009

The Move

In a post a few weeks ago I mentioned that we are getting ready to move soon! I can't tell you how excited I am!! Let me share a little of how this came about.

The Hubs and I have both been praying about moving over the past almost three months (since we found out about his new job). We knew that the only way we could afford anything would be for God to provide it. After crunching the numbers we knew that buying a home wasn't an option right now. So, we prayed.. that God would provide. Well, my dad co-owns two rental houses. One with his brother and cousin and one with just his brother. They are right next door to each other (one was my granddaddy's and one was my great grandmothers) About 3 months ago my dad mentioned to me that my great grandmother's house was available if we wanted it. The Hubs and I talked about it... prayed about it... and after about 2 weeks we decided we'd move in there. It's a small house: two bedrooms, one bath, washing machine in the kitchen and dryer on the back porch kind of house, but it was certainly doable. I love the house just because I have great memories there. Not only was it my great grandmothers house where I spent a lot of time growing up but it was the Hubs and my very first house. We lived there nine months before we bought our first home. I had to really pray through the space issues that I was already having before moving in!! Two bedrooms!! Two boys!! Oh my! I knew it would be an adjustment but it would totally work out! I was just thankful that we had a place to move to! It's definitely getting time to move out. My sweet little boy asks us periodically when we're going home. I'm sure most people would think that he didn't remember or even after all of this time he would have forgotten but he hasn't. He still asks when we're going home and even if I tell him this is our home now, he knows better. He reminds me that this is Mimi and Granddaddy's home... not ours. We did start telling him that we wouldn't be going back to our old home but to a new home. So he often asks when he's getting a new house, so then he can get all of his other toys (surprisingly, he knows that he has 'other toys' that are missing, which are stored away in storage). Sigh... where was I?? OH, yeah. So, we had to go to storage one day to get something and we decided that since my dad was at the rental house we would go on and take something over there. Might as well since we're here, was our thought. So the Hubs, packed up Eli's changing table in the back of the van and off we went. Well, after moving the changing table in, it was time for Eli to eat and nap so we headed home and the Hubs was going to wait on my dad and go back to storage to get some heavier stuff. So, I sat upstairs feeding Eli and here comes the Hubs barging in, turning on the lights. At first I thought, what in the world are you doing?? Then he handed me a letter. It was a letter stating that the people in the other rental were going to be moving out and June would be their last month. We both just kind of looked at each other and then the Hubs asked, "So, do you want that house??" Um, YES! So, after he left and I sat there in the dark, feeding my sleepy little boy, I couldn't help but cry tears of thankfulness. This 'other' rental house is a three bedroom, two bath house. And although the other would have been perfectly fine, God decided to give us better. God has been so faithful to us. Throughout this whole yucky ordeal God has been faithful. His hand has been there. I can look back and see it. Things have not been perfect. Things are not going to be perfect. God's children are never promised that. In fact we're actually promised the opposite when we follow Him. I knew He would be faithful to us.. and He has been.

So, Sunday after church, we drove by and looked at the house and told Luke that would be his new home. He was so excited. We even drove by after church that night too and noticed a tree down behind the smaller house so we pulled in the driveway. Without saying anything Luke exclaimed, "That's my new house!!" That brought me so much joy. My baby is getting a new house! And he is so happy! Since the Hubs has several days off in a row this coming week we'll be doing a good bit of cleaning. We hope to move in slowly so that we can do a lot of 'getting rid of'! I don't want to bring junk! We wanted to get out so quickly before that we didn't really pack well. So, I want to go through boxes slowly. We plan on being in the house August 1st. I can't wait. There are so many things that you take for granted when you have your own place.. more on that later..

"God, who has called you into fellowship with his Son Jesus Christ our Lord, is faithful." 1 Corinthians 1:9


Jessica said...

Crystal~I am so happy for you guys that you will be moving into your own home soon. That is so exciting for you guys!!!

Kari Sanchez said...

God is so good! I'm so happy for y'all. What a blessing. I can't wait to hear more!