Saturday, January 29, 2011

Saturday $ense...

Clever, huh? Ok, maybe not.

So, are you wondering how I did with my grocery shopping? Here is my menu, so you can see what meals I had planned for this trip. I spent a total of $90.24 this week of my $100. Below is how it was all spent. I did have a pretty large expense that you'll see in the "household" section. Here are the items that we already had on hand that helped complete our meals*:

3 large chicken breast (freezer)
organic blueberries (freezer)
sour cream
Colby jack cheese
frozen spinach
ricotta cheese
black beans
Snacks: granola bars, Cheerios, string cheese, raisins, Annie's Bunny Grahams, crackers

Here is the breakdown of what I was able to purchase. Over all I am please with my trip. My goal is to feed my family as healthy as I can. Healthy meaning, as little junk, mostly from scratch, real foods. Our resources are somewhat slim around here as far as produce and meat goes and at this point in our lives we take advantage of WIC and that helps greatly.


Household Items:
Dish washing Detergent ~ 2.74
Trash bags ~ 3.34
Baking Soda ~ 1.00
Vinegar (Gallon) ~ 2.32
Razor Cartridges (4) ~ 15.97 (the Hubby likes the good stuff. I get these about once every 2-3 months)

Tangerines (6) 1.68
Apples (3#) 3.67
Ice burg Lettuce Salad 1.50
Spring Mix Organic Salad 2.78
Onions (WIC)
Bananas (WIC)
Organic Baby Carrots (WIC)
Broccoli Crown (WIC)

Pantry Items:
Sugar 2.08
Whole Wheat Tortillas 2.00
Sun Dried Tomatoes in Olive Oil 3.64
Bertolli Basil Pesto 1.98
Pasta Sauce 1.33
Community Coffee 4.50
Polaners All Fruit Grape Jelly 1.93
Sara Lee WW Bread (WIC)
Juicy Juice Apple Juice (WIC)

Dannon Yogurt Drinks 2.46
Oikos Organic Yogurt (4 pk) 3.98
Disney Cheese 1.78
Dried Pineapple snack (2) - 1.56
Gal 2% Milk (WIC)
16 OZ Mozzarella Cheese (WIC)
Barbers Whole Buttermilk (WIC)

Broccoli, Cauliflower, Carrot Mix 1.58

Total: $71.77

Local Dairy

Local Honey (20 oz) 6.50
Ground Beef (primarily grass fed) 4.00
3 candies 0.90

Total $12.42

Winn Dixie

Organic Tortilla Chips 1.99
Bananas 1.67
Bimbo WW Bread 1.89

Total- $6.05

Grand Total- $90.24

So, do you have any tips for me? The only coupon I used was for the coffee. I bought Community Coffee @ $5.50 with a $1 off coupon. Because I don't buy many processed food items, I don't use many coupons. I know that I need to get back at my bread making attempts. The boys and the Hubs eat a lot of sandwiches. And even though we get a loaf on WIC, I had to buy an extra at my mid week trip (Winn Dixie). I'd love to hear any tips or thoughts on ways to cut this down!


Lynn Woes said...

Can't believe how similar your shopping list looks to mine so often! Complete with those super expensive razor cartridges for the hubby. My husband has much less irritation and razor burn if we spring for the crazy expensive gillette fusion cartridges though.

We eat a lot of soups and that helps stretch our budget quite a bit. Also we get V8 juice with our WIC often to help make homemade soup or added to a can of vegetable soup with some extra frozen veggies to stretch it out a little farther.