Friday, June 13, 2008

Ready for the weekend....

Update- Aunt B's home safely! :) We're heading to spend the day with her and relax by the pool!

Well VBS is officially over for me! What a week! I had a great time but it really wore me out. I think the last trimester 'sleepies' hit me this week.... add VBS to that and I was exhausted everyday when I got home! I took a two hour nap 3 days this week! R was home today, so when Luke went down for his nap we both took a nap too. R said that I was asleep in record time (usually it's the other way around!). We still have commencement Sunday night but I will be missing it because.... my sister is flying home Sunday evening!!! YAY!! I am so excited. She made it safely to New York yesterday and has been resting and seeing all of NYC the past 2 days. My mom talked to her earlier and she was getting tickets for a Broadway show. Lucky! Please keep her in your prayers as she flies home Sunday. My parents, Luke and I will be driving to the airport to pick her up.
A little pregnancy update: I had an apt this past Tuesday with the NP (my Dr was out of town). Everything is going great. I had my glucose test, which I passed. My blood count looks great. She said I was measuring big but that's what I was told last month too. I haven't had much swelling, unless I'm up all day long. She said she would be surprised if I wasn't swelling just a little because of the heat! I'm definitely doing a lot better this time than with Luke. By this time with Luke, I couldn't even wear my wedding bands! I already had them around my neck!! I have walked 4 out of the 5 days this week (despite being very tired). Hopefully I can keep that up because I know it will help. I'm 29 weeks today. 11 to go! I'm really excited because next Thursday I go to have my 4D sonogram! Eli is still squirming around in there a lot. I know the tighter and more cramped things get that his movements will slow down some. I feel like he's changed positions some this week. I could really feel him a lot the past 2 or 3 weeks up in my ribs but the past 2 days he's been lower, almost like he's turned sideways a little. I'm hoping that since he was breech at 19 weeks that he's getting ready to turn head down in the next few weeks!
I was going to talk about some things that I've been reading but I can't find my Holiness of God (Sproul) book. I was reading outside yesterday while Luke played and R brought it in for me. I remember him telling me he brought it in but it's no where to be found. He doesn't remember where he put it. So, since it's late anyways and my brain doesn't work well unless it's been refreshed a little I'll save that for later. I've been studying those who have wrestled with God: Jacob, Job, Habakkuk to name a few. Isn't it funny (or should I say foolish) that sometimes we think we know better than a holy God? Oh, but when we are shown just a glimpse of Him, we fall to our knees in reverence and humility... but like I said, more on that later!


Xandra@Heart-of-Service said...

Sometimes I think I would give anything to feel Nathan or Grace fluttering around inside me again. It always felt strange once they were part of me was missing.

Try to get some rest and enjoy these last stages...