Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Life Cycle of a Butterfly ~ Craft

Last week we did this craft project as we learned about the life cycle of a butterfly from Mama Jen's site (She has so many great ideas!). Luke really had a lot of fun making everything! I was a little worried that our styrofoam egg cartons wouldn't work but they did fine.

We decided to do the paint butterfly instead of the wax crayon butterfly. We're still doing lots of spring activities so we may try that later this week if we have time. Here is Luke making paint dots for his butterfly (sorry the spacing is so weird.. It looks fine then I hit publish and blogger makes it all uneven):

Next, he painted the caterpillar and chrysalis (notice the tie, I quickly suggested he take it off while painting! Ha!):

Gluing tiny eggs onto the leaf:

And here he is explaining to the Hubs what each thing is:

Here is the finished project:

"We will be changed into His likeness." 2 Corinthians


Mama Jenn said...

These look great!!!! I think the egg carton caterpillars always look so cute!!!