Wednesday, March 31, 2010


It's that time of year! Luke is going to be just like me in the allergy department! We've been outside the past few days a lot and this morning he woke up with a RUNNY nose! Time to start the Zyrtec! Actually, I should have started it a while ago. Anyway, today we were talking about why his nose was runny and what allergies are. He's very curious about things and asks all kinds of questions. So, I explained that many things that grow outside: pollen, grass, flowers, weeds can aggrivate your nose/sinuses. He was asking me what I was allergic to and I told him that I had been tested a long time ago and was allergic to pollen, rag weed, dust, dog hair.. to name a few! Well, he decided to tell me what he was allercig to! He named a few things like peaches (evidently the pig on Word World has a peach allergy!), pollen and dog hair. Here is the rest of our conversation:

Luke: Yep, I'm allergic to dog hair like you, Mommy.

Me: Probably so.

Luke: I'm allergic to bark too!

Me: Oh, tree bark?

Luke: No! Dog bark!



Julie said...

I can relate! We all have it!