Thursday, March 18, 2010

PreK ~ March

We started back this month doing some PreK activities. We've been doing activities since we moved here but it's been more sporadic, less planned. Well, I decided to get on the ball and start planning again! There are so many great resources out there for doing preschool activities at home! There will be links throughout this post with some of them! Of course you all know that we've decided to homeschool the boys and I am still nervous about that! Luke still has a good 2 years before any 'real' school but he LOVES all of the things we've been doing! I encourage you to check the links out even if you don't plan on homeschooling. There are some great ideas on these websites that you can do with your children for different holidays, seasons, ect.

This month we've been focusing on all things about Spring. The first week we talked about the weather, plants, animals and bugs. We're also learning about the letters A, B and C. Our Bible verse for the past two weeks:

"We will be changed into His likeness." 2 Corinthians 3:18

It goes perfect with all of the spring changes we've been talking about and then applying that to the way that God changes our heart to be more like Him when we ask Him to! Totally Tots also has great Scripture printouts with verses for 'hiding God's Word in little hearts'. Here are two of the boys projects from the past weeks:

Spring Things Foam Sticker Collage:

And Eli's Spring Things Sticker Collage:

Next we made a Rainbow Pasta Craft. You can print the Rainbow out here. The craft came from this post over at Totally Tots. We also made rainbow jello with real whipped cream. Luke helped me put the rainbow snack together! We read the story of Noah's Ark and talked about how rainbows help us remember God's promises!

Here is Luke helping to dye the noodles!

Our colors: Red, Orange, Green, Blue and Yellow. The red and orange looked very similar! ;)

He is very meticulous about his gluing!

His finished craft! If we ever do something like that again, we're using bigger pasta! He started getting tired of gluing all the little macaroni, so I helped toward the end!

I wasn't going to let Eli in on this fun.. mainly because of all the gluing but... I was like who cares!! I put glue on his rainbow and let him do whatever he wanted! And he did great!

Also as a part of this month we're going to be doing the letters A, B and C. I saw this A is for Alligator craft on Totally Tots and fell in love with it! All of the alphabet crafts are so cute! The boys also got a set of Scholastic Alphatales books for Christmas from my aunt and I was so excited to see that the A book was about an Alligator named Abby!

After reading the book we made the craft and talked about all kinds of words that start with the letter A. Here is Luke with his finished alligator and his alligator face!

Great job, Luke!
This week we've been talking about all things that start with the letter B! Butterflies, bumblebees, bananas! We did this Bumblebee craft. We talked a little bit about what bumblebees do and that soon we will start to see lots of bees around flying from flower to flower!
Working on his B is for Bumblebee!

Finished product! I'm planning on making an Alphabet Book with all of his letter crafts!

We also worked on letter recognition by tracing the upper and lower case B. I'm not focusing on him getting everything correct when practicing his letters. This is just for fun! Since he still doesn't recognize all of the letters, we're mainly just focusing on recognition.

I know this post is long. This is 2.5 weeks worth of activities. And I didn't include what we did yesterday! Whew, I think from now on I'll just do a weekly craft post instead of waiting like I did!


Susan Lemons said...

Those crafts look like fun!
Don't be nervous about homeschooling; you're already off to a good start. We've homeschooled for 16 years now, and it has been a blessing.
Take a look at my blog for more ideas about homepreschooling and homeschooling.

Sara said...

It looks like you're having a lot of fun! Your boys are so cute!! I have two boys as well, the first born in June of 2006 and the second born in June of 2008. If we make it through the toddler years, I think we'll be okay! :-)