Sunday, March 14, 2010

Weighing In - 3/15

Quick weigh in post and a little update... I'm so tired!!

So, I weighed in Friday morning, like usual, and lost 1 lb. I'm thankful for the loss but I'm ready for another 3 lb week! I'm hoping that my Twenty One Day Challenge will help me get there! I really need to work hard at getting my exercise in too. I only got in one day last week. I try to not put too much pressure on myself or beat myself up because it is hard to fit it in sometimes. We had a busy week last week, too! Exercise is usually not very high on my priority when compared with my relationship with Jesus, my husband and my kids! The hubs is on spring break this week and if the weather is nice I'm hoping we can go on a few family walks in the afternoons!

We have Eli's tubes check up tomorrow with the ENT. He's been batting at his ears and I'm just curious if this is normal. He's never been one to mess with his ears much, even if his ears were infected. He's also still not sleeping great. Sigh. Another reason why it's hard for me to get up extra early and exercise. I guess I just thought that his bad sleeping habits would be miraculously cured after the tubes. Wrong. We haven't had a horrible night where the Hubs ends up on the couch.. but there have been several nights when I've been up with him two and three times.. totaling 2-3 hours. It's draining. I wonder.. is he hurting?? Are his teeth bothering him.. or his ears??? Or does he just not sleep well? I don't know. I'm just praying that God will help him, whatever it is.

Speaking of sleep.. that's where I'm headed! Praying for a good night!