Monday, March 8, 2010

Menu 3/8/10

Here's my two week menu:

(For those curious, I make my menus out two weeks at a time. The Hubs gets paid every two weeks, so it just makes sense! Oh yeah, weight update at the bottom.)

Turkey Tenderloin, Peas, Mashed Potatoes

Ham, Mac and Cheese, Steamed Broccoli

BBQ Meatballs (Pioneer Woman), Green Beans, Honey Glazed Carrots

Sloppy Joes on Homemade Buns (my first attempt at buns), Cole Slaw, Fruit

Chicken Pot Pie

Southwestern Chicken and White Bean Soup (nope I still have not made this soup, but we ARE HAVING IT THIS WEEK! Promise... talking to myself here.), Corn Bread

Baked Spaghetti, Salad

French Toast, Scrambled Eggs, Fruit

Mexican Tortilla Pie, Mexi Rice (also moved over from last week)

Homemade Pizza

So, I weighed Friday morning and to my excitement I lost 3 lbs!! That's 11 total, in about 8 weeks. I was able to get in more exercise last week and I know that is what helped me the most! I'm finally feeling a little more room in my jeans, which is great motivation. Although not enough to keep me from the BAG OF M&M's my mom bought. Not a tiny small bag for the Hubs, who asked for them.. but a HUGE 14 oz bag. Yes, I know, I need to just get some will power... but when it comes to candy I don't have much. Let's keep it to small individual size bags if you want to treat the guys... please. ;)

I mentioned in my last weigh in post about a personal challenge. Well, it's been post phoned to Wednesday. I'll explain in a later post. It's not a big deal.. so don't get excited! I just wanted to do a personal challenge to help me stay focused on my goals.

Have a great week!


Molly Flanagan said...

i wish i were one of those people that love to cook. i think i need to pray the holy spirit would give me a desire to serve my family in that way! looks like a delicious week for you. we are having cheeseburger pie & fruit (made on for a friend that had a baby so i made two). falafel. and fettuccine w/ butter and parm & cucumber sticks. i can only seem to keep up with 3 recipes a week :-)

Jessica said...

menu sounds yummy as usual!

and WAY TO GO on the weight loss!!!!

Unknown said...

It's Saturday and I'm enjoying some MPM blog visiting while watching "Barney Miller" on
It's time to expand my recipe sources with some new ideas.