Sunday, March 21, 2010

Weight Update

Well, I weighed in Friday morning and I had not lost or gained. I was hoping for a loss but I think that my little exercise the previous two weeks just caught up with me. I'm glad I didn't gain though! I did get in three days of exercise last week which was a lot better than the two previous weeks. So, hopefully if I stay on track eating and exercising I will have a loss this coming Friday. I am still keeping a food journal on my other blog. I think the biggest thing that I'm learning through this is that I need to consume more fruits and veggies and stay far away from cookies. It would be ideal if I could put down the cookie for a banana... But that often doesn't happen. I need to work on that. Or maybe I just need to start making half batches of cookies when I bake, so that there aren't as many around! The cookies & brownies we had in the house last week were from our home Bible study that we hosted, so this week there won't be any here!

As far as 'watching what I eat', I'm not counting calories anymore. Well, at least not for everything I eat. Occasionally I'll figure up a recipe or look something up online just to make sure I'm not going totally overboard! I'm really just trying to eat generally healthy meals and really watch my portions. I still measure things like cereal (and milk for my cereal), mayo for sandwiches and salad dressing, cheese, ect for salads. Many people think that eating a salad is healthy, and it is... but not if you pile on the cheese, croutons, nuts and fatty dressing. Moderation is key! Speaking of meals, I'm off to make my menu for the next two weeks. It will hopefully be up tomorrow morning! And I have a few recipe reviews too!