Saturday, February 5, 2011

Saturday $ense

So, this week.. I didn't do so great. Here is my menu so you can see what meals I had planned. I did have to buy meat this week and I didn't find great deals on meat. I'm not sure if we're going to be having one of the meals on the menu. It all depends on our plans tomorrow. So, one meal could be a roll over meal. Here are the things I had on hand to complete my meals/snacks:

Ranch Dip
Annie's White Cheddar Bunnies

(Again, we have more stocked. This is just what I remember off the top of my head that I didn't have to buy to complete meals and for snacks)

I shopped at WalMart and Winn Dixie this week.


Household Items:

Chalk 1.00
Ivory Soap (3) 0.75
Quart Storage Bags 1.64
Imodium AD 4.00
Wipes 1.78


String Cheese 2.98
Parmesan Cheese 2.18
Sour cream 8oz 0.88
Provolone slices 2.36
Danimal Yogurt 2.00
Cage Free Eggs: 2.27
2% Milk 2 gallons WIC


Wing Sauce 1.47
Rolled Oats 2.24
JFG Mayonnaise 2.68
Penne Whole Wheat 1.08
Classico Pasta Sauce 2.28
Organic Chicken Broth 2.63
WW Tortillas 2.00
Kettle Chips 2.98
V8 Juice 2.58
Cranberry & Nut Mix 2.88
Nutra Grain Fruit Bars 2.50
Bread WIC
Peanut Butter WIC
Honey Bunches of Oats WIC
Cheerios WIC
Juicy Juice WIC


Organic Spinach 4.88
Coleslaw 1.50
Clementines 3 lb 3.75
Onions 1.64
Bananas 0.97
Organic Carrots 0.97
Organic Garlic 1.68
Pears 1.78


Italian Turkey Sausage 2.98


Diet Sunkist 1.48

Total 74.71

Winn Dixie (mid wk)

Angel Soft 5.00
Sparkle Paper Towels 5.00

Natures Own Bread 2.59
Apple Juice 2.49

Bananas 1.66

Sirloin Tip Roast 8.85
Boneless Chicken Breast 6.05

Total 34.35

Grand Total 109.06

Yes, technically that is over for the week. But if you remember last week I only spent $90.24. So, for the pay period I spent a total of $199.30 out of our $200.00 budget. I sure know how to just barely make it, huh!? I'm a little frustrated with it because I was hoping to save a little. But I did my best, minus that Diet Sunkist! I did use two coupons, one for the pasta sauce (-1.00) and one for the string cheese (-0.55). I'm just going to have to be more resourceful and thrifty! So, time to start planning next week!