Sunday, September 11, 2011

Menu Plan Monday 9/12/11

Last week was a busy week! No blogging time! Hopefully this week will be a little more relaxed. And I'm hoping to have a few posts up this week (including a book review!). Here is what we're eating this week:

Chicken Fried Steak Strips, Green Beans, Sauteed Squash & Onions

Cheesy Basil Stuffed Chicken Breast (new recipe that sounds so yummy!), Easy Garlic Broccoli, Brown Rice

Homemade Pizza

Hot Ham and Swiss Sandwiches, Veggies and Ranch Dip

Last week I came up with a new muffin recipe (you're shocked, I know). They were really yummy. Hopefully I can share it this week, too. The ingredients included: bananas, peanut butter and chocolate chips!

I found a super good sale on Bob's Red Mill Organic Pancake Mix and picked up a package. I'm planning on trying the mix this week so we'll have pancakes & fruit for breakfast a few days. I love my favorite from scratch recipe but it will be nice for breakfast to have a mix. Other days will be cereal. :)

Lunch is totally boring around here... PB&J's or leftovers. :)

Homemade Snacks/Treats*:
Crunchy Granola Bars (we crush them up and make granola bites, which btw is yummy on yogurt or in milk as a cereal!)
And these healthier Peanut Butter Brownie Cups

*I do buy snacks as well... Kashi Fruit bars are a favorite around here... As well as Annie's snacks. I buy a few boxes when Target has them on sale to keep for quick snacks. And we usually have some kind of cracker, right now we have some Cheez Its and some Kashi Pita Crackers. And of course cheese, yogurt and fruit! I'm the mean mommy who makes their kid eat fruit or yogurt when I hear "I'm HUNGRY!!".. then if they're still hungry, they get something else.

Have a great week!

Check out OrgJunkie for more menu planning ideas and recipes!


Unknown said...

Yea for mean mommies ! Keep up the good menu planning . They will thank you for it one day ! Can't wait to see that muffin recipe ! :-)

lisaplus6 said...

we do not do "snacks" other than raw fruit or veggies most of the i must be a super meany mommy!! your meal plan looks great!