Saturday, March 1, 2008


I've been doing a lot of reading the past few days, not just out of Isaiah but some other books as well. Books on theology, etc. God has reveled more of Himself through these things to me and it has been amazing...

To say the least I am a bit overwhelmed (in a good way, just want to clarify before I go any farther). Overwhelmed by God and His ways. Overwhelmed by God and His sovereignty. Overwhelmed by God and His character. Overwhelmed by God's righteousness and mercy. Overwhelmed by God's perfection and holiness.... by His goodness and also His justice.

I am baffled and amazed at how big He is. Words cannot express the awe and wonder I feel when I think of Him. What a magnificent God!

And He chose me. He saved me. Oh how unworthy I feel. I want to burst with joy.. and burst with tears all at the same time. I feel so small and insignificant... and I am. But He saved me and clothed me in His righteousness. I can never get over it.

I just wanted to share my heart.