Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Life/Preggo Update and the Potty Chair

I'm sitting here... wondering why in the world I'm sitting here. There are dishes in the sink.... toys in the floor... a load of laundry that needs folding and one that needs to go in the dryer. Oh and there is a nice sprinkling of baby powder in the hallway(thank you Luke)... but that will have to be vacuumed after nap time.

I had my monthly Dr's visit yesterday. It was great minus the wait and in all honesty, I was only there 2 hours which really isn't that bad. I got to hear the heartbeat again. I actually didn't hear it the first time that the nurse did it yesterday. It was 'behind' mine and I think, because of miscommunication, that she thought I heard it. So, I just asked the Dr to do it again.. you know, to make me feel better. And when I really heard it... I did feel better! I've got to go back next week for blood work, just because there is a specific window that I need to have it done.. and that window doesn't open until the 17th. Fun for me... My next apt is April 7th and I can't wait. That will be my sonogram apt so we'll get to see (hopefully) who this little person is! It all seems to be going by so fast!

In other news Luke is growing up so fast. He will be TWO in less than three months. He is saying sooo much now. No sentences yet but he puts 2 words together all of the time. His favorites are: "Mimi home." "Daddy Wuk (work)" "ByeBye Cars" (he watches his cars movie ~AutoBeGood by Family Christian stores~ before his nap and has to tell it byebye when it's time to go nap), "Rock Baby?" (at night he loves for me to sing Rock-A-Bye Baby and this is his way of asking me to sing it again... and again.. and again!). He is also getting really good at saying "No Ma'am", which is really sweet until he started responding like:

Me: Are you ready for a bath?
Luke: No Ma'am.
Me: Let's wash our hands before dinner.
Luke: No Ma'am.
R: Luke, it's time for bed.
Luke: No Ma'am.

You get the point... and yes, he does call R "Ma'am", which I think is hilarious and cute all at the same time. I guess I should just be happy that he is being polite. One more thing that he did recently and then I must end this LONG post. He has some really great picture books that he loves to look in. In one particular book there is a potty, which he calls a 'potty chair'. Well, we had just finished reading that book and he was still looking at it. I had gone into the kitchen and was doing something at the counter and heard the little guy behind me. I turned around to see the cutest and funniest thing. He had turned that book to the potty chair page and was sitting on it! Haha!!! He definitely knows what to do with it! Maybe it's time for a potty chair!


Anonymous said...

haha....I love that he calls Robby "ma'am" too. Avery still does that sometimes. For a while everything was "no ma'am" and "yes sir" no matter who she was talking to...but like you said atleast they are being polite!!!

Anonymous said...

That is hilerous!! Very smart of him to try to sit on the potty! LOL

Xandra@Heart-of-Service said...

That reminds me of my nephew who said "No ma'am" to everything for a time, but it came out sounding like he was British...."No mum"