Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A little update ~ Pregnancy and Luke

Update- I got a more than just a 'little sun' on my shoulders. They are RED. I'm so mad too! I'm usually so good about putting on sunscreen. I guess I just didn't think we we're out there that long! BLAH! Note to self: Apply sunscreen to yourself when you apply it to Luke.

I hear a beeping noise... it's my computer... what in the world does that mean??? Ok, it stopped.

Back to regular programming....

I realized that I didn't give a pregnancy update after my last appointment. I guess mainly because it was just a regular appointment, plus I was only there 35 minutes (waiting time included)!! That was a first! So, I heard the heartbeat again and she asked me about movement! This little one loves to wiggle! Late afternoon and evening is his most active time. I feel him a lot first thing in the morning before I get out of bed too. He is my wake up call telling me it's time for a glass of OJ! She said I was measuring a little bit ahead but not by much. I did gain some weight... more than I would have liked but she wasn't concerned at all. She said I was due some weight gain since I didn't gain any the month before. According to her charts I've gained 14 lbs total and I was 24 weeks at the time of my appointment (BTW, I'm 25 weeks and 5 days today!!). I'm feeling pretty good about that though, it's less than what I gained with Luke. I have been trying to be careful with my sweets though and late night snacking since I did gain a lot of weight with Luke towards the end. 100 calorie packs of popcorn are a lifesaver! :) I've been trying to walk too. I only got in 2 days last week but I'm going to try to get in 4 this week. My Dr said that I was an easy patient! I'm just so thankful that everything is going so well! It's such a blessing to have a fairly easy pregnancy and healthy baby! My next apt is June 10th and I have my glucose test! Blah! Luckily my Dr does allow you to eat breakfast, just nothing sugary so at least I won't be starving to death! Drinking that nasty stuff is bad enough! I'm also having a 4D sonogram on the 19th and I can't wait for that. Please help me in praying that Eli has turned head down! I know that many times they don't turn until the last minute but it would be nice if he decided to turn earlier! This will just give me some comfort since we're also praying for a successful VBAC!

Luke and I played outside today. Well, he played and I walked for about 30 minutes around the driveway! Then I sat in the sun and read while he played some more! It was nice and breezy! I even got a little sun on my shoulders. I'm not a big sun worshipper (anymore) but a little color is nice. Luke on the other hand was sprayed down with SPF 50 before we went out the door! That little boy LOVES to be outside. He would stay out all day if I let him. His favorite thing to do is push his toys around, whether it be his wagon, his car, his wheel barrel, or his big wheel (he still can't reach the peddles). He just pushes them.. no rhyme or reason.. he just pushes to push, I guess! He's growing up so fast. I can't believe that in just 2 weeks he will be TWO! Wow, it really is just 2 weeks (plus one day) away! I had to check the calendar! Yesterday he was 'helping' me fold towels. I attempted to show him how to fold wash cloths and he actually folded one right but his favorite part is to help me put them away in the closet... I wonder how long that will last? I can tell that he is starting to pretend play a little. About a month ago he got a stuffed
Mickey Mouse and he sleeps with it every night. Occasionally Mickey will come out and play with him during the day. Luke loves to push (hmm.. I'm sensing a theme here) Mickey around in his wagon and today I caught him telling Mickey it was time for bed and he went and threw him (literally) in his crib. He's also started 'reading' books to himself. He always starts out by saying, "Ok" and then goes on 'telling' the story. It's so fun to watch. He loves cars and trucks too. He knows what bulldozers and dump trucks are and will point them out if we see one. Any truck with a ladder rack on top is a firetruck. Right now he has selective learning... he knows a tractor from a bulldozer but hasn't learned any colors!!! :) It will come in time though! I am amazed at how much he is learning every day!

Ok, I must confess. It's 3:35 PM and I haven't had a shower. So, if I'm going to church (and I am) without stinking, I should get a shower before Luke gets up!

Have a fantastic day!