Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Ramblings of a pregnant lady.. and a basement guest

(**Update about the GUEST is below**)
I'm feeling under the weather today. Blah. Allergies. I don't know why they haven't bothered me all spring and now all of a sudden they decide to make me all stuffy! Whatever is bloomin' right now is not my friend! Luke has had a runny nose too but that's pretty normal around here. I'm afraid he's inherited my allergies. Needless to say I've felt pretty worthless today because all I've wanted to do was lay around.

We did get some work done this weekend. We cleaned out Eli's room for the most part and got out the swing. I still need to wash all of the padding/etc on it and get out the bouncer. I've washed a few of his little outfits and I've also went through Luke's things to see what I can use. Surprisingly, Luke does not have ANY newborn or 0-3 months stuff. I guess I didn't keep it. I knew we would be planning more kids but most of what he wore in the very beginning I didn't keep. They were just onesies mainly. He was a big boy so he didn't wear those sizes long. All of the stuff that I kept start in the 3-6 month size range. I've picked out a few little things for Eli but I'm not going to go overboard considering I didn't keep much of Luke's newborn clothing. For the first 2 months you're pretty much home most of the time.. so a few comfy onesies is all you need.

So, I actually feel a little more ready for Eli than I did. The rest of my list that needs to be done includes:

buy extenders for the cosleeper
buy crib
buy changing table
make Luke's big brother box for the hospital
find swaddling blankets (our lifesaver with Luke)
pick up: nursing pads, lanolin, a few paci's, bottles, infant Tylenol (since Luke uses children's now), Mylicon drops, a few 'things' for the hospital that I know I will need
pick out bedding

I'm having a diapers and wipes shower at church so hopefully that will be covered. I'm also having a shower at my mom's and I'll probably get some things there that I know I need since it's mostly family and I can request certain things. I know that he'll be in our room in the cosleeper for a while so really the crib can wait until the last minute. I plan on buying some kind of bedding but I'm going way less expensive this time. I'm going to pick up a few paci's and just save the receipts. Hopefully he will like the first one we try... unlike Luke who didn't like any until we got to the 4th or 5th one. Monogramming is super cute but after looking through Luke's things, I barely have any burp clothes that I can use because all of the nice ones (that I used in public and didn't stain) have his name or initials on them! So, Eli will need some of his own. It's the same with Luke's diaper bags. I think I only have one diaper bag that doesn't have Luke's name on it. My little Eli deserves some things of his own though! Most of these things I will get here and there, but I know it will take me the entire 13 weeks that I have left to get them all. Yes, that is only 3 months left... three months from tomorrow!

Ok, I had to take a break because my husband came and got me to tell me that something was in the basement. He heard a commotion outside which included dogs barking and growling and some strange noises... well this is what was making the strange noises:

So, how do you get an armadillo out of the basement?.. because as of right now, this thing is still in there. As you can see, R's attempts at hosing it down and throwing things at it did not work.

So... I think it's time to go to bed....

Update: After failed attempts of hosing it out, throwing ink pens/other random objects, and sweeping it out with a large push broom, we decided to just hope that he (or she, who knows??) would just mosey on out... and he/she did. It was gone this morning. How crazy is that though?? Life here in the parsonage is so exciting....


Xandra@Heart-of-Service said... advice on the armadillo! Those Mylicon drops, though...MAGICAL!!!!


Kari Sanchez said...

LOL the armadillo story was entertaining especially since Robby threw pens at it! lol
Well you are getting closer to the end and seems to have things in order ;) You need to post some recent belly pics!

Misty said...

I'm glad he/she left. If it were David he would have wanted to shoot it!

Sassy Amie said...

Oh my gosh! I don't know what I would have done if an armadillo was found in or around the house! Your husband is so funny though :o)

Not much longer until Elijah gets here, huh?? Seems like you don't have much more to buy. Hope your allergies get better soon!