Thursday, July 8, 2010

Let's do a project, Mommy!

It's been a while since I shared any of our crafts or 'projects' as Luke likes to call them, hence my title! Back in May, I decided that from June to July, we'd take a break from preschool activities but Luke started asking me about it. So, we started back up a little and have been doing some since! He just loves doing crafts and learning! So, I might as well take advantage of it! Not to mention that during the middle of the day it's just to hot to do anything outside!! So, these keep him busy! Below are a few pictures of the recent crafts that we've done. We've done the letters E and F and learned a little about different things that start with those letters. And yes, my pictures are backwards! We did E first, although it doesn't come first here! ;) I will have links to all of the crafts!

Here is Luke doing a letter Ff collage!

We also made a cute fish bowl for our alphabet book! Luke had a blast making it!

This week's memory verse is, "A friend loves at all times." Proverbs 17:17. This verse is also on the Song's for Saplings ABC CD, which I highly recommend! Actually you can enter a giveaway here to win a copy of the cd! I bought mine a while back and the boys and I love to listen to it! Updated to add: The printable verse is from Totally Tots.

Luke really loved playing this Elephant Sequencing game from Confessions of a Homeschooler!
Luke made this cute E is for Elephant (made grayish paint by mixing blue and brown) and we read a book on African and Asian Elephants!
This will look great in our alphabet book! I just LOVE these letter crafts! They always turn out soo cute!
Luke also did his very first color by number!! He did a great job!! We got the download at Confessions of a Homeschooler! Notice the wardrobe.. hat.. jacket.. in the middle of June.

And in preparation of the letter F we planted seeds to grow into flowers (now that's really confusing since I posted letter F first!)! The Hubs found these in the dollar section at Target! The sunflowers are growing great and hopefully tonight or tomorrow we can get them in the ground or into a bigger pot! Oh, and just so you know, in this photo Luke is wearing a sleeveless shirt.. with a puffy winter vest! And he wore it to run errands all morning! Silly kid!

Well, that catches us up on some of what we're learning about!


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What a fun crafty and creative mommy you are! =)

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