Friday, July 30, 2010

"Sometimes I can't be good."

This past week we've been learning about the letter I. I just posted our Letter H week. I usually post the crafts, etc from the week prior, but I wanted to share something that happened this week. Our scripture from this week is:

"May my prayer be set before you like incense." Psalm 141:2

Typically, at lunch time, we talk about our memory verse and what it means. Then we listen to our Songs for Saplings CD and sing our verse (and previous verses). The boys LOVE singing. I just wish there were more kids scripture CD's out there. It's great for them and for myself! It's so easy to learn verses set to music!

So, we were talking about what incense means. I told the boys that in the Bible incense was something that they used to worship God. They would burn spices to praise and worship God. So, we talked a lot about what it means to worship God. Worship is singing and praying to God, reading our Bible and obeying God. As we continued our talk we focused on obeying God being a form of worshipping Him. So, Luke was curious about what 'obey' meant. We use this word a lot in our home and I'm pretty sure he knows what it means but I was glad he was asking questions. So, I explained that it means to follow rules/instructions. We must obey God. We must obey our parents, which is a commandment from God. We continued talking about different ways we obey and disobey. During our discussion Luke said a very profound statement:

"Sometimes I can't be good."

This was music to my ears. Yes, son!! You are right! Now, many parents would have corrected their child. Oh, sure you can, we can all be good if we just try to do the right thing. But the Bible tells us that there are none good (Romans 3:10).

At that moment, I was just so thankful that he is learning that he can't be good on his own. So, I took the opportunity to share with him that the only way we can be good is through Jesus. I also took that opportunity to thank God that I am home with my children to take advantage of moments like that.

My prayer is that we will be diligent in teaching our boys the truths of the gospel and that God will give Luke & Eli wisdom to see themselves in great need of rescuing. And may we also be diligent in teaching them that there is only One who can rescue them!! Oh Lord, save their souls!


Lisa said...

Great teaching moment!!