Friday, July 30, 2010

Letter H!

We started out last week talking about the letter H and Hearts! Here is their heart lunches, heart shaped PB&J and cheese with apple slices!

Next, I cut out Hearts in different sizes and colors for Luke to sort! Well, he cut out one, can you tell which?

Then he glued the hearts on a big letter H. He also used the scraps of paper to build letter H's!

Our next craft was probably my favorite of the week! Eli even got to help out with it! Here he is making his grass for his Hedgehog!

Actually that is all Eli did. When it came time to put his hands in the paint... he was not interested. So I ended up making his! Luke's turned out great!

We watched a Hedgehog video on National Geographic Kids and learned about them, too!

Our Letter H craft comes from Totally Tots. H is for House!

It turned out super cute of course! After making the craft we read, This Is The House That Jack Built.

We also practiced using a Hole punch and then Luke made an H out of all of the little dots (fine motor skills at work!).

We finished up the week doing a letter H search. We also did Letter A-D searches for review too!

I didn't take a picture but our Bible verse for the week was:

"Happy are the people whose God is the Lord!" Ps 144:15