Monday, August 9, 2010

Homemade Ice Cream in a Plastic Bag!!

For our "Letter I" week we made homemade ice cream!! And to make it even more fun we made it in a plastic bag! Luke had a blast making the ice cream! It was a great hands on experiment for him! And the end results were so tasty! Here is how we did it:

1. Grab your ingredients/supplies:

1/2 c milk
1 T Sugar
1/4 tsp vanilla
6 T salt
1 quart size bag
1 gallon size bag

2. Here Luke is mixing in the vanilla. Pour milk, vanilla and sugar into your quart size bag and seal tightly.

3. Next fill your gallon size bag half full with ice and add 6 TBS of salt to the ice. Add the small quart size bag into the large bag and seal the large bag.

4. Now shake! We shook our bag for about 7 minutes and the ice cream was pretty hard! Luke shook for about 2 of those minutes and I shook the rest! And it's cold, very cold. I reccommend wearing gloves or wrapping the bag in a towel!

5. Now take the small bag out of the larger bag and wipe it off (it will be covered with salt water and you don't want that in your ice cream!). You can either snip the end of the bag off and squeeze the ice cream out or just cut it open. We had to cut ours open because it was so hard it wouldn't squeeze!


I got the idea from this video that give all of the instructions!


Jessica said...

I have always wanted to try this! Now I think I will!
THanks for sharing =)