Monday, August 9, 2010

Menu Plan 8/9

I'm in a hurry but I wanted to quickly post our menu!

Sloppy Joes, Homemade Baked French Fries, Steamed Veggies

Salmon Patties, Green Beans, Biscuits and Gravy

Lasagna Rolls (making this up as I go!), Salad

Sauteed Chicken and Rice (sorry Hubs!), Green Peas

Roast w/ Potatoes and Carrots, Rolls

I think I saw some roasts on sale but if that doesn't pan out, I'll just do pancakes or something! :)

I also subbed a recipe this week. Instead of meatballs we had steak fingers. My mom had bought us a pkg of cubed steak and they turned out yummy! Usually, I cook it to death and they are super tough but this time I soaked the cubed steak strips in buttermilk before battering them (about 30 minutes while I was frying okra)! Buttermilk is a great tenderizer! I just battered them in a mixture of whole wheat flour, salt and garlic powder! Then fried them in an iron skillet. Yes, some of the batter did come off.. but most stayed and they were great! We had them with potatoes & onions and fried okra! Even my little Eli liked it!

Alrighty, time to get busy! I'll be posting letters I and J this week!


The Denmark Family said...

hello!! I wish i was organized enough to make menus for the entire week, dinner would be so much easier!!!