Friday, August 27, 2010

Letter J

Updated with the pictures from the week! Yay, I found my cartridge!

So, I'm WAY behind on posting our letter of the week projects! I'm planning on posting both today, if I have time. We took 2 weeks off, one for when my sister came home and we took a mini-vaca and then this past week I took off to get my planning finalized for our pre-k year. Basically we're doing the same letter of the week but I'm adding more things, which I'll talk about later.. you know, when I have time!

Well, I was SO disappointed when I got on the desk top to find that I hadn't yet uploaded the pictures from weeks J and K. So, I go to look for the memory card.. and it's gone! GONE! I have a feeling I might find it later considering I'm pretty sure my youngest little guy walked off with it.. and if so I'll just come back and upload the original pictures. I had changed the memory card out in my camera to upload pictures from Eli's party. I'm just thankful that I had already gotten the pictures from our trip to TN and Eli's birthday party uploaded! I would much rather have those than our crafts! So, this morning I got out most of what we did and took pictures of them.... We started off the week with a Letter J clip art collage. We talked about all things that start with the letter J!

Our first letter J project was a J covered in Jewels! Confessions of a Homeschooler has some great alphabet printables that you can cut out and use in crafts!

We also did a Totally Tots letter craft- Jaguars! We picked up a book at the library and read all about Big Cats!! Especially jaguars!

This was a fun craft! I drew out the simple shapes for Luke and then he practiced his cutting. He cut most of them out by himself, but asked me to cut out the circle and the red rectangle! Then he glued them all together to make a Jack in the Box. It was a great way to practice cutting and review shapes and colors!

Here is Luke working on his Jellyfish! We learned some interesting facts about jellyfish this week! I don't have a finished product picture but it was easy to make. Cut a large circle out of wax paper. Use glitter glue on one side of the circle and then fold in half. When dry hole punch holes alone the folded edge and tie curling ribbon to hang down for tentacles!

We also had some fun with Jelly Beans! I put some jelly beans in a jar, a very small jar, and we all guessed how many there would be! Then we counted them. I think there were close to 80 in there. Then we tasted them and guessed what flavor they were! Luke and I both agreed pop corn flavored jelly beans are gross! We also read a book about counting jelly beans!

This verse is one of my favorites that we've memorized so far!

"I will rejoice in the Lord, I will Joy in the God of my salvation." Habakkuk 3:18

What JOY there is in knowing Christ! And how exciting to be able to share that joy with my boys!! We talked about the difference between worldly 'happiness' and the joy we get from knowing God!

Well, that's all I can remember. I'm sure we did more.. but without pictures, I just can't remember.. it's been almost a month!