Sunday, July 10, 2011

I may make a mountain out of a molehill....

But I'm probably not gonna die on that mountain.

I have lots of passions... from being a stay at home mom, to homeschooling, to breastfeeding, to eating real food. I talk often about those passions here.. in my space. My prayer is that I never come across as haughty or judgmental to those who may not share the same passions. My prayer is that I'll share with others the journey that I'm on, get others to thinking and most importantly see Jesus, whether we agree or not. My passions are deep, and most are even convictions I hold but they are not Scriptural laws. I try hard to not make them laws in my own life but that's hard for this former legalist to do. I continually fight that flesh and pursue living in the freedom that Christ brings. As Luke said the other night, "I'll punch that sin in the face!"

But there is one passion that supersedes all others and that is Jesus Christ and my faith in Him. He is everything and life is nothing without Him. I will not waiver on the truth set before in Scripture. I am dependent on everything He ever said and did and is.

So, readers, please know this, I'm human flesh who loves Jesus (and one day this flesh will be no more!!). And I sometimes make mountains out of molehills. I pray that any information that I ever share is useful in some way. I pray that ultimately my life (and there is much more to my life than what you read on this screen!) will encourage and make much of Jesus.