Thursday, July 28, 2011

M.O.B Society Boy Mom BlogHop!

Say that five times fast!

The M.O.B (Mothers of Boys) Society is hosting the first annual Boy Mom BlogHop and I decided to participate in the fun! So if you're visiting from the BlogHop, welcome!

For those of you visiting for the first time, let me introduce myself. I'm Crystal... 29 years old, for the next 3 months at least! I live in the great state of Alabama with my hubby (known on the blog as "The Hubs"). In October we will celebrate our 7th anniversary! We have two boys, Luke (5) and Eli (will turn 3 in August). I've been a stay at home mom since Luke was born! I love to cook and bake! I blog mostly about cooking, life happenings, homeschooling and my relationship with Christ. I will be a newbie homeschooler in just a little over a week! We did a lot of preK last year but this will be our first official year homeschooling! I am a little nervous but mostly excited!

A little about my boys...

Luke is my thinker. He loves building things and figuring out how things work! He's super smart and has a tender heart! He loves to ride his bike and play ball with his Daddy! He also likes to dance and sing!

Eli is my wild child! He is spunky and silly! He's also very much a Momma's boy (and I'm completely fine with that!). He loves his big brother! He has a fascination with weed eaters and lawn mowers! And he loves to play the guitar! Together they put on a pretty good show!

My boys love to read books. We try to get to the library as often as we can to read new books! Luke loves: "Gruffalo", "Duck Soup" and his Clifford books. Eli still loves to look at picture books. He also loves "Llama, Llama Red Pajama" and Blue's Clues books! We're also reading through The Jesus Storybook Bible during the day and God's Wisdom for Little Boys before bed!

Well, motherhood calls! Eli just came to me and excitedly said, "Come look at your new door!" He walked me into the den and said, "Tada!!" He's been washing the doors with a sponge dipped in his orange slushie. :)

Thanks so much for stopping by! I can't wait to hop around and 'meet' other boy mom bloggers! But I must first go wipe down my doors!


Mindy said...

Adorable boys! My son has the eagle shirt!! Here from the blog hop! Blessings to your family!

Meredith said...

Beautiful boys!! My oldest, Stephen, is the same as Luke, and I would totally describe him the same way! He has a tender heart also, and is SUCH a good big brother to Jonathan, our 16 month old. :)

Actually, even though Jonathan is a bit younger than Eli, I would describe him the same way, as well. (And he is a Momma's boy too... and I love almost every minute of it!!)

Beautiful post and introduction. :)

-Meredith in Maine

Unknown said...

I am over from the hop @ Our boys seem so similar, from the age difference to their personalities. I am an aweful cook so I will be coming by here often to get some good recipies!
Thank you!

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

What is it about lawn mowers anyhow?!? My boys are OBSESSED! Once I took them to a children's museum, and they only wanted to ride the John Deere lawnmower and nothing else!

I like cooking too :-)

Liberty said...

I am doing the hop and I have 4 boys. My second son is Eli! Come on over and see us at

Joyful Mud Puddles said...

I'm visiting from the bloghop. It is really nice to meet your family. Your boys are so blessed to be at home with you. I encourage you not to be worried about homeschooling. What they need most is to be children academics will come, focus more on character qualities. Remember the Lord looks at the heart!
Come visit us some time.

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I love hearing TaDa! It always means JDaniel has created something new and exciting.

jeana said...

Your boys are just precious Crystal!